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Summer Term Starts

暑期学期开学 April 20, 2021

Dear All, I hope you had a pleasant Easter break.

The Chinese School reopens on 24th April online. Summer term starts from this Saturday.

This term ends on Saturday 17th July. The end of year assessment is scheduled in early June, and parents meeting is going to be in the last two weeks of the summer term. The recruitment of new students will begin in May.

On the 10th April, our school's recitation contest was successfully concluded with 24 participants. Each student put in a great effort into their work and the performance was amazing, with the exciting result of that 16 students will take part in the semi-final contest in Birmingham on 2nd May, the winning students will represent the school and the UK in the 4th Global Recitation Competition. All the students who take part in our school contest will receive two certificates, one is from the UK Association of Promoting Chinese Education, and the other is from Nottingham Chinese School.

For those who pay their school fee every term please pay the fee online.

大家好! 希望大家都度过了一个愉快的复活节假期。

中文学校4月24号在线开学。 夏季学期从这个周六开始。