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The supporting CDs for textbooks 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are available for download as below.

  • CD4, CD5, CD8, CD9, CD10, CD11, CD12
  • After saving the file in your local drive, right click the file to "Extract to CD*\", all files in the package will be extracted to a folder named "CD*", * as 4, 5, 8, ....
  • If you can't view the file and unzip it, you'll need to download WinRAR from the internet (free), and install it in your PC.
  • In your local folder "CD*", double click "Start.exe" to run the multimedia software.
  • Some Chinese songs are available for download:

  • Zhong Tai Yang .mp3 .mpg .rm .wma
  • Chun Tian Zai Na Li .mp3
  • Du Shu Lang .mp3
  • Cai Mo Gu .mp3
  • Administration Link

    Alderman White School, Chilwell Lane, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, NG9 3DU