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Nottingham Chinese School Admissions Guide 2024

Nottingham Chinese school, founded in 1999, is a non-profit school operating on weekends. The school offers Chinese language courses from beginner to A-level, as well as activity classes such as: calligraphy, folk music, Chinese painting and dance. The Chinese School works closely with the Confucius Institute in Nottingham and the WHP Federation to promote local knowledge and communication between Chinese and Chinese culture. The Chinese School activities and classes run every Saturday during term time at Alderman White School(Chilwell Lane,NG9 3DU). In the event that in-person classes are not possible, zoom software is used to allow the classes to continue online.

Nottingham Chinese school is dedicated to creating a first-class environment with quality management and a friendly atmosphere. All tuition fees are used for teaching and school management. The school committee is entirely composed of volunteers.

The school teaches students in a progression-based manner, ensuring that all classes are kept to a reasonable size (25 or less students per class), and providing opportunity for every student to progress and gain improvements, no matter what background or ability level they start with.

The school uses textbook 《中文》, which is published by Jinan University. Within the school’s practical environment, an effective teaching plan is implemented to improve students’ ability at listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Besides language courses the school also provides Chinese culture courses such as: folk dances and music, Chinese painting, calligraphy and others with the aim to broaden students’ knowledge and experience the essence of our Chinese culture, as well as promoting their personal development.

Our teachers are experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic. They love teaching and are excited to pass on this enthusiasm to their students; some are professional teachers. Students have achieved outstanding scores in GCSE and A-Level exams. Our students have won several prizes in national wide competitions for reading, calligraphy and painting.

Enrollment time and scope:

Nottingham Chinese School recruits new reception students annually, high level students can also be throughout the school year. In 2024-2025, the school plans to recruit 44 new students (up to 25 students per class). New students are enrolled in the autumn term starting at September each year.

Registration requirements:

Registration Form / 诺丁汉中文学校新生报名表


Tuition fee is £190/year (subject to review). Please pay before or at the beginning of each school year. A school duty deposit of £15/year will be charged before school year and it is refundable when leaving the school, however, it could be exempted next year if the duty is completed.

Payment and refunds shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant financial regulations of the school.

The school welcomes donations from publics who support the Chinese School.

Contact Information

Admissions Email:

Headmaster Mr. Sun

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Nottingham Chinese School

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